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Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope Hoist

Carlstahl Craftsman Wire Rope Hoists are designed for reliability, performance and high degree of operating safety. We offer complete lifting solution for SWL from 3,000 kgs to 50,000 kgs.
Brand : Carlstahl Craftsman
Detailed Description

Specifications :-

  1. Capacity Range –
    1. For normal application – 3,000kg to 50,000kg
    2. For Molten Metal Application – 1,500kg to 25,000kg
  2. Standard Lifts – 6 meters – 24 meters
  3. Class of Duty –
    1. FEM Standard  - 1Am, 2m, 3m, 4m
    2. IS Standard – M5 to M8 as per IS 3177 & CL-II to CL-IV as per IS 4137
  4. Speeds – All motions with VVVF Drives

Technology :-

  • Squirrel cage motor
  • S4 DUTY 40% CDF
  • DC Electromagnetic Disc Brakes
  • Totally Enclosed IP55 brakes for enhanced reliability
  • Inbuilt panel board
  • All control elements like transformers, contactors, manufactured by internationally certified suppliers.
  • All connectors are plugin type,
  • Both Pendant & Radio frequency remote – optional
  • In-house manufactured limit switches with dual protection.
  • Helical Ground case hardened gears suitable for FEM 3m duty
  • Totally enclosed oil lubrication enables noiseless operation of gearbox
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