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Light Crane Systems

Light Crane Systems

The XY system offers versatile material handling solutions with ergonomic and efficient workflow. Carlstahl Craftsman Light crane systems are the best option for tasks that require precision; in small spaces where a stable lifting capacity is a must.
Detailed Description

Specifications :-

  1. Capacity Range – 125kg to 1,000kg
  2. Span – up to 6m
  3. Type of System – Single Girder & Double Girder
  4. Class of Duty – 1Am, 2m, 3m, 4m as per FEM Standard

Features :-

  • Mounting type – Pillar mounting.
  • Long travel and cross travel motion – Manual and powered.
  • No fatigue in handling the profile cranes and so enhanced productivity.
  • Profile system makes in light weight structures.
  • Low maintenance cost with prolonged service life.
  • High flexibility and low maintenance.
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