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Gantry EOT Crane

Gantry EOT Crane

These moving cranes are suitable for all kind of applications which requires less space. The moving cranes move with the help of wheels which runs on the rail laid at the floor level. These cranes are Goliath / Gantry Cranes.
Detailed Description

Features :-

  • Sturdy structure and withstand heavy load.
  • Frame is a free standing structure with runway beam and the supports are mounted on wheels.
  • They occupies very less area for support and gives maximum approach.
  • Load lifting capacity – upto 12.5 Ton for single girder and 50 Ton for double girder.
  • Span of the girder – upto 12m.
  • Long travel and Cross travel motion – Manual and powered.
  • Best suitable in places where mounting of cranes are not possible on building structure.
  • Easily dismantled and fit over other site.
  • Main girder made up of standard I section or Box section.
  • Best suitable for indoor and outdoor installation considering the wind load factors.
  • Easy and precise control of the crane’s working with the help of control pendant.
  • The hoist can reach spaces outside the support legs with the help of extended main girder.
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