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Electric Chain Hoists Our electric chain hoists set a new benchmark in reliability, operating safety, and performance coupled with low maintenance cost. The new generation Electric Chain hoists from CARLSTAHL CRAFTSMAN are compact and CE certified.
Wire Rope Hoist Carlstahl Craftsman Wire Rope Hoists are designed for reliability, performance and high degree of operating safety. We offer complete lifting solution for SWL from 3,000 kgs to 50,000 kgs.
Jib Crane Using Man Power to lift or move light loads is often time-consuming and ergonomic burden for employees involved. We have a perfect solution for it in the form of hoists with our jibs cranes, can be installed directly at your workplace.
Light Crane Systems The XY system offers versatile material handling solutions with ergonomic and efficient workflow. Carlstahl Craftsman Light crane systems are the best option for tasks that require precision; in small spaces where a stable lifting capacity is a must.
Single Girder EOT Crane With a minimal safety clearance between top of crane and factory roof, allowing highly flexible material handling can be achieved by our EOT crane which are known for their exceptional reliability and durability, simplicity.
Double Girder EOT Crane Two girders are simply stronger than one, making our EOT double girder travelling cranes the ideal solution for the large area coverage handling of heavy load upto 50 Ton.
Gantry EOT Crane These moving cranes are suitable for all kind of applications which requires less space. The moving cranes move with the help of wheels which runs on the rail laid at the floor level. These cranes are Goliath / Gantry Cranes.
Crane Spares Schlep Engineering Solutions offer Mechanical as well as Electrical Spares for cranes manufactured as per IS standards..
Annual Maintenance Contracts Schlep Engineering Solution have team of service personnel, who can maintain any make EOT Crane and hence we undertake Annual Maintenance Contract’s of all type of EOT, Gantry, and Semi Gantry Cranes.
Semi Gantry EOT Cranes Semi-goliath / gantry cranes offers more lift and move capabilities that allow load to be transmitted from one area to another.